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This week Crilly posted a very informative blog about the many trades operating in Birmingham and in particular the growth of steel pen making.  Her blog talks about the Pen Museum located in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter.  I have added this interesting museum to my list of places to visit.

Jo posted 4 different writing opportunities, well worth checking out.

Sue posted a story for feedback destined for the ArtAscent writing competition.  She is also on her 70th week of unbroken publication with Ad Hoc, my how the weeks fly by.  Crilly, Angela and Chris also have stories on Ad Hoc this week.

Interesting and varied 5 year writing visions were posted by Alyson, Laura and Vanessa. 

On member’s personal news this week:  following a scan and after many weeks of worry and treatment, Sue received the all clear on her health.  Understandably, she was elevated to cloud nine by the fantastic news and sang country songs all the way home from the hospital.  I would love to have shared that trip home with her.

On a not so good note Crilly mentioned that she was having a hip replacement operation on the 28th July.  Hopefully she is home again and well on the way to recovery.

Congratulation to Laura following her big announcement this week: she’s expecting her second baby in November. 

Maggie will be posting some Monday muses. The more motivated amongst will surely pre prompted to create some great stories.

This Week on Writers Abroad
Category: Site News

This week Crilly posted an interesting blog linking the Six Degrees of Separation Theory (all living things are the world are six or fewer steps away from each other,) to a chance meeting at the Perth Writers Festival.  She got into a discussion with a fellow visitor she hadn’t met before, both discovering that they knew someone in common.  I guess we have all had similar experiences supporting this theory.

Tempting muses this week were posted by Crilly.  I loved the pics.  She also posted a number of exciting writing opportunities for April.

Sue has clocked up an amazing 58 weeks of unbroken weekly publication on AdHoc.

Vanessa’s book cover (her novel The House of Zaronza) was chosen as the winner in a historical fiction cover competition.  This book also received a five-star review on Amazon.  Double congrats in order.

I have several stories published in an Anthology produced by a writing group which they launched a few days ago.

Jo is travelling soon.  She will catch up with members on her travels.  Jill, Vanessa and myself are planning to meet up with her.  I, and no doubt everyone else, are looking forward to either meeting or catching up with Jo.

There was a formal meeting on March 26th. Jo reported there is a small amount of content outstanding for the forthcoming WA Magazine publication. 

The topic of raising the membership level was brought up.  This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Length of work for critiquing was also raised.  The question of word limits was discussed.  A forum will be set up for members to express their views.

This Week on Writers Abroad
Category: Site News

This week saw Chris walking two steps forward to three back as she is trying to wrap her mind around the technology we have come to depend on so much to get our writing out there. Oh, the days of pens and SASE! Check out her blog and if I here a suggestion, Chris: how about you try walking this one backwards. That way you'll be ahead one step each time.

Sue, after receiving her good news, has left us some stimulating prompts. I particularly like the extra little challenge with the pictures. She also invited us to join a 50 word writing prompt, deadline March 28th and link provided. Alyson is already on it with a captivating story.

Jo, on top of it all as ever, has posted the agenda for the 11am meeting on Sunday 26th. Some of us have already put our clocks forward, some of you might do it that day. Make sure you take note. We are also approaching the last call for submitting our pieces for Issue 6.

Then there is the Bragging Stool. Queen Sue shares this with Alyson as both came in first and second for Ad Hoc Fiction. Great going. Jo also had an acceptance with her piece "Home is a feeling...Not a place." The sale of Winnebagos is bound to go up after its publication!

And finally, a meeting of creative minds is set up for the end of April when Angela joins Nicola in the mountains of Northern Spain. We are all welcome to join. Not this time for me, sadly, but thanks for the invite and some day I would like to be part of it, or in Australia as Crilly suggests. It would be nice for all of us to sit and write together. 



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